Punto 2012+ TwinAir


Hello everyone!

My First Fiat car. Picked it up 29/09/12.

TwinAir with Brio Pack, Spoiler, Side Skirts and ESP.
Hi Mkala. I really like the engine. I'm still running it in, so can't comment much on power and fuel economy, but so far sounds great and is basically level with my old car on MPG, so can only get better :).

How's your 1.4? Did you go Rock N Roll blue?
Nice. Hope I can drive a Twinair, I have seen a lot of vids but no tested it so far.

The 1.4 77CV is fine for its ratings ! It has only less then 4000km and it works well, better than I can imagine for this "low output" engine (before I had a 150HP Fiesta ST).

Fuel consumption is quite good, if I drive with a light right foot I achieve easily 5.7l/100km (5.5l/100km was my lowest) and with a bit of fun it turn around 6.3l/100km (max 6.5l/100km).

I can convert in MPG, but I dont know if your are using imperial gallon or not ?

Blue Acid Jazz, very beatiful color :)
I converted it, I'm still using MPG :). Nice, I liked the Acid Jazz, though ended up going for the dark 'Rock N Roll' blue as I thought it matched the two-tone wheels better.

It's well worth having a test drive, I can see why the noice wouldn't be to everyones taste (I personally love it) but thrash a demo car around and have some fun :D
Better picture, washed and waxed! It's still factory standard, I'm thinking of getting a few things done. Any suggestions are welcome!


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