Technical twin turbo 1.9 jtd stilo

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Technical twin turbo 1.9 jtd stilo


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Dec 18, 2005
Bridgend, South Wales
hi guys just a quick questions to you guys in the know, the 1.9 jtd. has anybody tried moding to get the most power out of that engine, i.e. adding a extra turbo?

i was thinking of getting a abarth but after reading some material on how much gain a remap for a jtd engine can give, i was wondering what if you forced even more air about, with a extra turbo.

can this be done?

this is a not some common question, i cant seem to find anything simliar asked within this forum..
a re- map an up rated turbo or supercharger are the only things u can do for large power increase. u only find twin turbos on v6's or inline 6's or bigger.

now there is the other route u could use n.o.s its the largest power gain for minimal cost. and especiely td's u could stick a 100 bhp on or more ive sin a 1.9 tdi golf with 250 bhp added through nitrous oxide on top of standard bhp
bigish intercooler, bmc, uprated turbo, 3" downpipe and freeflow cat and a 2.25" system, custom re-map and a boost controller and you can run well over 200bhp then just add a little nitros for good mesure but you have also got to think about brakes, suspension, bushes and engine mounts when you go chaising big power!!