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Feb 12, 2006
Hello :D (Im a newcomer) have i 99 20v turbo coupe which seems to smoke when its left to idle for about 15 mins, if you revv the engine it will keep smoking (not silly amounts of smoke but blue smoke does come out) if i take it up the road for i very short spin then come back and rev it, it wont smoke at all? any ideas? :confused:
Hiya Trickey :)

Quite certain the oil seals in your turbo have gone, causing oil to seep past them and smoke out the exhaust. It's a common thing. Mine's the same. A recon for a standard turbo starts at about £200 before labour IIRC.
i took the coupe to mangoletsi's last week for service and asked them but they reckoned nothing was wrong, its due for an mot in a month so im a bit concerned it might fail :confused:
I wouldn't worry about it to be honest. The answer might be not to let it idle for 15 minutes! When the turbo oil seals are properly gone, you'll know, as when the engine overruns you'll have a plume of smoke behind you!