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General torsion bar??

Oct 10, 2005
hi, today i was lookin at my cinq thinking about how much to lower it, and realised i could see the rear springs???:confused: is this because it has a rear torsion bar or are they hidden?? thanks kris
do you mean you couldnt see the spring or shock?
theres no torsion bar in the cinq
do you have o get down on the ground to see them? because im lookin from the side andall i can see is a sheet of metal. where as if i look at the front wheel i can see the shock just above the wheel??
lol well it helps. the front and rear are totally different designs and yes you will have to get your soft girly :p hands dirty by getting down onto the ground ;)
looking at the back of the car, where the big yellow arrow is is the bottom of the damper. can't really see the other side because of the exhaust.

second photo is taken from just underneath the back of the car, near the base of the damper. You can see the trailing arm, damper, spring, handbrake cable and back of the wheel wheel.



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the centos are independant all round, you can get the rear springs out by jacking up the car and pulling it out, 35mm lower for an s is good, lower and speed bumps become harder to take (at speed anyway!)