Technical Tipo 1.6sx Liberty revs up and down

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Technical Tipo 1.6sx Liberty revs up and down


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Sep 30, 2007
Hi I,m new to this forum but I have a problem with my Tipo. My car is a 1.6sx liberty (1995), I was driving this no problem until it started to rev up and down on its own. Even at stand still it still reved, I had to call out breakdown on it to get me home, he removed the air filter cover and cleaned the throttle body. He told me that the fuel injectors could be dirty as I could turn it off and wait 5 secs turn it back on again and it would be ok for a few miles. This was enough to get me home but now it revs up and down all the time, I have put some redex in the fuel to see if this helps. Does anyone know if its the throttle body thats need replacing and if so what one to change with.Please let me know if anyone has had a similar problem.
Welcome Newbie,
There are a couple of things to check....Have you have disconnected the battery for any reason recently?? If so was it running ok before you did that??
If you have you will have to reset you stepper motor by a sequence of procedures stated in the Tipo hand book...


Your Lambda sensor is up the spout if you hold constant revs say around 2000rpm and the engine speed still rises!!,

Just to clarify ive had these problems on countless tipos you are encountering and still do at the moment on a 2.0 8v....
Thanks for the reply.
No I have not disconnected the battery recently, but I took off the air box today and sprayed the throttle body with carburetor cleaner. This seemed to do the trick as I drove it for a short journey round the block, the only worry is that this is what the RAC did and it only worked for a short time as the problem came back after a few miles. To me it points to dirty injectors or dirty fuel. What do you think.
Hi Dazzo,
After your reply and talking to a few other people I am going to change the Lambda sensor and see I get on. Thanks for your advice,I will let you know how I get on.