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BlackSei The Beast
Feb 2, 2003
Birmingham, United Kingdo
Well the time has coem to sell up and part with the seicento. Have really enjoyed owning it for 3 1/2 years. No real faults and was nice and cheap to run.

So really what I'm after is any peoples ideas on price to go for.

From looking at autotrader and all cars in surrounding birmingham some people arre asking as little as £1400-£1500, and other are asking near £2500.

A basic list of features/details on the car

2000 X Sei Sporting.
Abarth bodykit
38500 miles (last 11k has all been motorway)
Some service history (I changed oil/filters every 6k)
MOT till middle of Nov '06
Tax till July/August
Tinted windows
15" Fox Alloys
Comes with custom rear armrests holding a set of 6x9s.

I know the tints and wheels probably won't make any difference to pirce, but have to mention them anyway. I'll also throw in: -
a K&N with all the parts in its box (took off after about 10k)
A set of rear windows, untinted.

I think a ballpark figure of around £2000 maybe going by the prices on autotrader. What does anyone else think. Also if you interested I will be sticking onto autotrader and the FF classified this weekend hopefully.

cheers for any help/comments/suggestions

Nice car but Im afraid the price you are looking for maybe a little high, I know of MPIs that go for less....

I'd buy your alloys tho!
Yeah you see it looks high, but there are cars going for more than that. It seems a bit of a lottery at the moment on autotrader.

If you fancy giving me a set of standard sei wheels and some cash then you can have the Fox wheels :)
This is from Parkers.....................

Franchised Dealer £ 1640
Independent Dealer £ 1495
Private Good £ 1370
Private Poor £ 1030
Part Exchange £ 1170
You'd be very lucky selling it in that price range.

There are 1999 - 2001 Sei Abarths on eBay similar mileage for a Buy it now price of £1300 and they don't sell.

I bought my 99 Sei Abarth Edition 4 months ago for £1100 (39000 miles)
1500 max im afraid. You live in birmingham so there will be plenty about. Youll never sell at 2k
think I'm just gunna stick it on for 1600 ish and see what comes along.
I have another car already so i'm in no desparate rush to sell it, but obviously I want the room on the drive.
I duno if I should mention what I've moved to as I have gone to the darkside, german :p

its a BMW :p


these are a few months old now so when I give it a final clean at the weekend I'll take some fresh ones although it looks exactly the same as these photos