theft methods in south africa

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theft methods in south africa


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Mar 29, 2006
2 get in2 a car (theve done this one with mine) these guys take a newspaper, put it against the window then bash the window open with a brick (and this is flipping quiet)

they also have a trick they do with spark plugs (they do practice alot first by standing at a street corner and throwing the plug at the car window as it stops or in the parking lots without security guards) to steal handbags, cellphones (they took the sunglasses of a friend of mines nose doing this)

hijacking is done on street corners, by putting roadblocks on the quieter streets (bricks stones branches etc) to force you to slow down
also by having one guy stand on a bridge and drop a rock thru a cars windscreen as it passes by below and another waits for that car to stop then simply points his gun at the driver

the bmw's etc are stolen for ramming in2 cash in transit vehicles.

alarms generally dont help, the tracker systems are helping to an extent but these guys steal these cars anyway (they just shoot the owner to buy time)

but the most simple method they use is to just tow the car away (most alarms have sensors wich also stop the alarm if the car is at a certain angle)

taken 3 cars from in front of my dads house.
the trick is not 2 do stupid things(like walk around the streets of joburg alone @ nite, or infact ever ;) drive around quiet areas in the middle of the nite and find out from locals about the area you are visiting), south africa is a wikkid place but just like the rest of the world has its issues.

be viligant and you will never have a problem.

lol but on the bright side we have the kruger national park, cape town, knysna etcetcetc and most of the tourist destinations (besides Joburg and cape town itself in my opinion are very safe), if you hire a car make it a fiat or a hyandai and you pretty much safe from the hijackings and dont leave valuables in visible places (dash board, passanger seat etc) even when you are driving, lol also rather buy curios from the street vendors, the shops sell them at ridiculous prices (seen a identical basket in a shop to one at a street vendor, the shop sold it for R65, the vendor for R20)

my father in law 2 be hales from england and reacons they have there own problems wich we dont, (hooligans etc) so yea jus cause u on holliday does not meen you can relax your guard(was told by a security guard in durban that 103 "valies"(gauteng pta area) tourists got mugged in december alone.
That sounds really bad :eek:. I'd be very angry if someone put a gun in my face and i'll end up doing something stupid like attacking the robbers or saying "You haven't got the balls to shoot me!" and that would be the end of Peteypye lol.
lol have heared of these long ago but as yet have not seen them used, the other one was a tripwire wich grabs the persons legs and ties them to the bottom of the seat but this interferes with driving and is therefore illiegal?
I Have the ultimate Antitheft device!

It sits in the rear of my Stilo Jtd Muliwagon !:) :)

It does not suffer from battery failure:)

It does not damage plastic trim or upholstery!:)

It runs on its stored fuel for 40 miles per day!:)

It protects occupants of my car!:)

Its a Rhodesian Ridgeback:bang: :bang:

Bonus No Lions roaming in my neighbourhood:) :)
LOL nice 1 Tim

I also keep a snakeskin on my dashboard and 1 on the pedals and seat wen im not in the car. Muti and witchcraft work a charm around here.
I half south african by blood but ive never lived their only visted, and its not the best place to be if ur a white person at the moment, god knows how they won the world cup bid, my familey all live in Durban, well the ones that have stay'd most of them have came over here, because of the black crime.

This is ""my opinion"" that i must express, that in s.a, its very rich whites and poor black no inbetween (where i vist anyway) and from what ive seen the native blacks were treated like poo in their our country by rich whites, but now the way the country is the natvie blacks are turning on the rich whites, inwhich i understand theirs many innocent people but i can understnad why the natives are like this.

The major targets are the BMW and the mercs, when i was last their the farm next to my aunts, the owner was shot dead in is house, just for his keys to his merc.
Seanlr said:
well i was going to suggest going to but as far as i can see it has been closed down (been open a bit more than a month and as there views were different from the goverments...)

Well they are back online and are on an international server now, apparently the site got hacked.
Heres the new site and please come for a visit, we really need the exposure if we are to survive the next 15 years as "european africans"


The problem with S.A now is it's going the same way as Zimbabwe, and the rest of the world doesn't care.