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General That Time of Year Again

Just got mine done today for my brava. £290 front and rear shock leaking stearing gator and faild on emmisions. :cry::cry:

IT HAS......


On front Sub Frame. It is badly corroded. Oh well I can spend the weekend doing one of my favourite things. Going round the Scrap yards.
Then again it could be a lot worse. :)

Ohh yeah. Im more pissed off that I can't say it passed all it's MOT's since I have had it 1st time now.:mad: It's ashame though it flew through everything else never had an advice note on any thing either.

why a pain Jug? i've never tried but looking i thought whipping the subframe off would be pretty easy?

It's a piece of **** to change if you have a ramp and can get it in the air. But having it on axle stands an lying on my back it is going to be a bas*ard.
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I've got subframe from scrap yard for £50, and Ive decided to go against the grain and pay for a repair. Its booked in for next Thursday and is going to cost me £65. But I have not got the hassle of changing it, or the hassle of getting rid of the old one now.

Im not sure how many bolts off the top of my head without looking at the haynes manual but there is'nt many.
removing subframe means

1. remove exhaust front pipe
2. remove wishbones
3. remove ARB drop links
3. remove loads of rusty bolts and heatshielding
4. drop the subframe
5. remove ARB from subframe

if you do it with the car jacked up its a real pain. if you've got the car raised then its much easier.
Nice one. (y)

Just waiting to get myn sorted. Started to get in patient now. The sub frame is in back garden under tarpauling. Just waitng for it to go and get fitted then it will be a PASS :D
She failed :cry: Mostly problems from where she's been standing and only running on idel/ low revs - emissions (lambda sensor clean, tank of super and a good run in the morning I thnk - hopefully sort it out), pitted brakes (going to brake a lot on my good run), handbrake needs adjusting and the worst problem is corroded and cracked brake pipes which are being replaced with longer lasting metal ones Monday.