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Technical thanks!!

Jan 6, 2007
Hi there everyone, My other half yesterday crashed my 2002 3dr 1.6 dynamic and I can't see the poor thing pulling through. I think it is going to be an insurance write off. But I just wanted to come on the technical forum to say a huge thankyou to everyone who has helped me over the last few years with invaluable advice helping to keep me on the road with little or no clue. I've changed pads and discs, exhausts, roll bar linkages, made more leg room for my left foot and even stopped that annoying squeak that was coming from the centre air vents for 2 years.

Thankyou to everyone on the site who gives their help, knowledge and time to aide clueless but very grateful people like me. All the best and keep safe.

Ps I'll post when I find out if it is a write off.

Ps I forgot to say that my other half is fine and no one was hurt at all. Not even whiplash. At the end of the day a car isn't important so what the hell!!


you *****!!
Sep 14, 2007
borats house
Glad to hear that everything is ok with your wife.

Grande Punto Sporting or Bravo :confused: