Technical Tempra 1.6 lack of power

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Technical Tempra 1.6 lack of power


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Sep 22, 2013
I have a Tempra 1.6 I.E. CAT. 8 valves single point injection from 1991 and I have this problem:
when the engine is cold, I start the engine, goes to 1400 rpm then dies. I start it again, runs ok in idle, but if I want to go the engine has no power, dies when I release th eclutch. After the engine gets cold, there's no power problem and the car runs well. No fault lights in dashboard. Any ideas, please?
You could change the temperature sensor at the back of the inlet manifold - they are quite cheap and easy to replace. You need a good 19mm spanner, take off the air filter box. Check the wiring too.

This component gave me a few problems with my Tipo 1.4ie - a bad temperature signal can really disturb the fuelling.

But you should also get a diagnosis done on the ECU also, to report and clear any stored errors.
So I replaced the temperature sensor, but now I have another problem. First start - idle on 2200 rpm, second start - 3000 rpm. Any ideas? Where can I find an ecuscan for this car? I have 3pin adapter cable ( I also own an Alfa Romeo 145) but my FiatEcuScan version doesn't have Tempra...