Temporary Insurance on non driven car?

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Temporary Insurance on non driven car?


May 30, 2005
hi im looking at a stilo on wednesday and if i like it i will be buying it there and then and then my dad will drive it home as his insurance covers another car unlike mine, although our problem is i will still have my punto but my insurance cover will be transfered onto the stilo so the punto will not be covered untill it is sold, is there anywhere that does temp insurance for like no more than a month or somthing? the punto will not be driven by me or a family member, but might be driven by the new owner on a test drive (though thought this is on their insurance)
Thanks Alex
yep i think so, just wondering if theres a company that specialises in my needs?
Can you not just have it as a second car on your policy.. explain to them why and they prob will..

I did this when I had one car getting fixed and added another car on for 2weeks at a cost of bout £15 iirc
I got insurance on mine while it was SORN only cost about £4.00 a month. That was with Tesco.