General Tear Comes To My Eye :(

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General Tear Comes To My Eye :(

what a tragic waste ! why couldnt it happen to a ford or vauxhall :( when i was at santa pod last year they ripped an old fiat 126 i think or something like that in 2 with the monster trucks. it seems people in general dont like fiat but hey in my opinion it is the best and i most probably wouldnt ever buy anything else.
Shocking just shocking. i can think of other cars that would have deserved it more than a cinqy. like a corsa or maybe a well any ford realy apart from my escort cozzy replica(project). i have a white cinq soleil and the lads at work dont call it girly and once they have been in it they love it.
Probabaly a shocking MOT failure and wasnt economically viable to repair, no one is stupid enough to just get rid of a car without a good reason.

Totally glammed up for TV i.e. saying its a ladies car for getting rid and running round it
lets be did have an oasis strip on the doors! lol

yes that is a shame to see a cinqy bite the dust, should've done it to a nova!