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Mar 10, 2006
just noticed a tapping noise coming from my engine just above my cam belt,but in the engine. it taps more the more i rev it. but it does die down after i have been out in it for a drive. the colder it is the more it seems to tap.but it dosnt tap all the time i start the ccar.

think my cam belt is due for change cus it looks like the groves are starting to split very so slightly its done 64k was wondering if anyone has taken there car to Neil Smith Racing "its on the boo site" its only about an hour from me "leamington spa" could this be somthing to do with the tapping noise allthough it sounds like its from the engine.

if this helps anyone-my slave cylinder went and was going to take it to garage but wanted £90,on the advice i tried to fix it myself and i know diddly about cars but took me about 15 mins +£35 for slave.
The tapping could very well be an oil prob. It seems so as you said it dies down when the engine is warm and possibly the oil has moved around a little. Check your oil level to make sure its on the max.

Failing that it could be a blocked feeder :(
the tapping is most likely the tappets (which is a nice name for them really) which is a bit of a problem on a car with hydraulic self-adjusting tappets, the tapping noise means they aren't getting enough oil. the reasons for that are either there isn't enough oil in the sump, the oil pump is faulty, the oil ways are blocked, the wrong oil has been used. if this noise has started after a recent service or oil change the its time to suspect wrong oil, if you've got low oil its time to check for leaks or see if you're buring oil, if it turns out that you have not changed the oil lately and there is plenty left in the engine then i'd recommed you put a couple of cans of engine flush in the engine, then run it at fast idle for 15mins, then put some fresh oil in (castrol GTX if you like your car). if it still doesn't fix the problem then its time to check the oil pump, although a faulty oil pump would make your engine quickly overheat and seize so you can assume thats the least likely option.