Technical T jet punto clutch issues

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Technical T jet punto clutch issues


Feb 12, 2020
Hi lads, so the clutch on my tjet punto went about 2 months ago and was replaced, ever since then the clutch pedal is very light and the bit point is very high but I can get used to that, the real problem is when changing gears especially 1 to 2 and 2 to 3 no matter how you release the clutch the gear change is very jerky as if your lifting off way to early. The clutch was done about 2000 miles ago with a new clutch csc bearing and pressure plate. My mechanic was unsure on how to bleed it so i bleed it myself and it seemed to improve for about 5mins and then was back to jerky changes. There is also a spongy feeling at the very end of the clutch pedal travel which was never there before. Has anyone and idea on what this good be as it’s driving me mad and I feel like this will damage the clutch over time. Btw my t jet is a 5 speed if that’s any help. Thank Ronan
You probably need to keep bleeding the clutch slave cylinder or replace it. They're known to fail sometime.
You probably need to keep bleeding the clutch slave cylinder or replace it. They're known to fail sometime.
Ok good to know, I’m wondering if the new slave cylinder is dodgy hand to know
No, it's not faulty. It just needs to be bled carefully. I've heard someone using spray bottle nozzle as a pump to get the air out. Like on this youtube video.

It may work - or it may not. I'd modify that tool a bit. Take some pvc hose from brake bleeder set or windscreen washer hose and secure it on the bleed nipple with a zip tie to make it more air tight. You could get someone to gradually push the clutch pedal down slowly as you pump and keep it down until you get the nipple closed. Repeat.

If it doesn't help, you should return it to the mechanic for a check because the slave cylinder may not be installed correctly and you could be grinding the gears as you change.
Thanks eeeno I’m gonna try that later that’s a great way of doing it, if it doesn’t work I might bring it to Fiat themselves and see what they think do you think that would be a good idea or not I’ve never brought anything to a main dealers
Mechanic who did the job should fix it if he botched it. :unsure: I don't think Fiats are that exotic.
Haha yeah true, dunno my mechanic was unsure how to bleed it from the start so I mightn’t go back to him. Also the retaining clip is now ****ed and being held in with hopes and dreams from trying to bleed it so many times so I think I’m gonna have go buy a whole new slave cylinder just for the clip 😂 Thanks for the help il update if I get it sorted 👍
Don't buy a new slave cylinder. :eek: You can get a suitable retainer clip somewhere.

You were supposed to bleed it from the nipple which usually is on top of the slave cylinder. :eek: Check guides section if a guide exists. It opens counterclock wise as usual and so forth.

Do yourself a favor now and get it towed to the Fiat or any mechanic who knows this stuff. It's quite standard. (y)

Don't keep trying to fix it yourself because you might do more damage. I know, i've broken stuff too and it might just become quite expensive.o_O
It may need a new master cylinder if bleeding it correctly doesn't make the clutch work properly.