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Feb 20, 2022
Hi all,
I'm new here, I had a question about the cinquecento sporting suspension, I wanted to lower it even more then the 40mm springs as its a summer toy to play along side my mates bug I've seen some slammed sci and cin, and was wondering on setups and how low I can go without it being silly, I'm on 13s

Any help or pictures is much appreciated and I'm sure I'd be on here a lot more
Try googling "Lowrider Suspension" some spectacular results can be achieved. Not really my "bag" though and you'll need deep pockets. You need to consider too that extreme lowering is not really practical due to stuff like speed bumps and even some manhole covers. You'll also find your insurance company may disown you - or ask for a "silly" premium (its not so much about the conversion to the car, although they'll want it to be done competently, it's more about the perceived risk). Of course if you don't inform them you are probably, effectively, uninsured.
Thanks mate, I've already had a little Google and I can see some silly ones, I've also told my insurance about my springs and they are fine about it so fingerscrossed they'll be alright with coils, I think it's because I'm old now, thanks again