Technical Sump Allen Key Size ??

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Technical Sump Allen Key Size ??


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Mar 27, 2006
Heanor - Derbyshire
Hello everyone,

i wished i had found this site a week ago.

Please don't heckle me, but i am in fact a Peugeot driver, 306 GTi-6 to be honest, but i try to help my sister with her little Fiat UNO as much as poss, so i thought it'd be a good idea to join a club with specialist Fiat knowledge.

I hope it's as friendly here as it is at the PGAC (, and looking at a few threads it certainly seems that way :)

I want to try and change the engine oil in her uno, but notice i need an allen key and not a spanner. Can anyone please let me know what size i need to save me buying a selection of them?

Thanks very much

Kev :)
I'll suggest buying a set of allen sockets rather than alen keys. I got a set (8 keys) of draper professional for around £15 instead of the single price of £5 from a local hardware shop..

Machine mart and halfords will also sell them.
Ermmm, i'm almost 95% sure it's a 998 cc. It's a 'K' reg start IE.

Allen sockets sounds a good idea, so i need a 12mm allen socket?

Thanks very much

Kev :)
Exactly. The same Allen key/socket will come handy should you need checking the gearbox oil level. Money well invested.