Styling Uno Turbo alloy size help

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Styling Uno Turbo alloy size help

Aug 11, 2015
Got a nice set of 13" UT alloys with 165x60x13 tyres. The gap between the tyres and the body, or the wheel arch etc is too wide. Looking through this site the standard UT tyre seems to be 175x60x13 but this would only increase the width of the tyre not help with the height.

On the other hand, the previous steel wheels had 155x80x13 and I hated them. The profile was very high and it affected performance.



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Switching to 175/60/R13 would increase the tyre height as 60% of 175mm = 105mm whereas 60% of 165mm is 99mm, so overall tyre diameter increases by a theoretical 12mm (2 x 6mm).

Maybe 185/60/R13 would be a good option as they're more readily available and would add 24mm to the overall tyre diameter you have now?

Although to get back to somewhere close to your original overall diameter of the 155/80/R13 tyres you had on the steel wheels you need to be 175/70/R13 ish (not sure if that size is readily available off hand)
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I hear what you're saying and it makes sense. I'm going to give 175x60 and 185x60 a try. Hopefully the tyre place will let me try one of each :)
176/60 x 13 is the correct size and that is what you should get, even if it costs a bit more than other options.

185/60 will be too wide and will spoil the car... wrong gearing heavier steering, slower acceleration / braking (due to more rotating weight), increased fuel consumption....

155/80 x 13 was never the right size for an Uno... the basic was a very skinny 135/80 x 13 or alternatively the equivalent 155/70 x 13...

You might find 165/65 x 13 which would be a good compromise.
Thanks for the comment.

This is the first UK Uno I've had, having 4 of the Nissan built models in South Africa. They are almost the same with only minor differences noticeable. Uno's came standard with 155 70 13 for the Fire variants and 175 65 13 for the Uno Turbo, at least in South Africa. That 135 80 13 must have been hideous :)

175 60 13 you reckon? Ok. I'm doing some engine work this week, when I'm done I'll pop by a tyre place and ask them to show me.
I had 185/60 14`s on mine, the fronts used to rub the inner wings quite badly, the rears rubbed the front of the inner wing during hard cornering (next to the seat belt bolt). I could have probably solved it with some 3 or 5mm spacers, but I dont like them!

I`ve currently got 165/65x14`s on the front & they are fine.

I`d say go for 175/60 maximum.
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Yes but we're talking about 13" rims not 14", those are too big for the Uno whatever tyre profile or width you use unless you're very careful.

Theres ample room for 5-6 x 14`s height & width-wise, depending on tyres of course, a lot of people are running 14`s with no issues. 15 would be pushing it.

As said, width is the critical dimension, & 175 is the maximum (185`s are possible depending on offset, but I`ve yet to find a Fiat group wheel with the right offset for 185`s).
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Just tested both 175 70 14 and 165 65 14 wheels I had lying about and they seemed to fit without problems. Turning and driving was fine with no rubbing on the arches or on the inside.

If the 14" wheels fit without rubbing then I think it's safe to assume the 175 60 13 or 175 65 13 tyres should be fine.


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Thought I'd just mention that I took my wife out for dinner last night and while parking there was a mild but noticeable rub on the left front outer wheel arch. That was with the 175 70 14 wheels. She only weighs 58kg (9 stone).