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Jul 27, 2005
hi guys, my girlfriend wants to buy me a subwoofer for my car an i wounderd if any 1 could recomend any? most she will put towards it is 100, im willing to to aim for 150 to 180 if i ad the extra on does anybody know whats the best type of sub an amp i can get with that price possibly a wireing kit to?? cheers all(y)
I'd reccommend the FLI Trap Active 12"

very versatile sub, looks nice, sounds better

I have 2 in my boot lol

Personally, I wouldn't go with either. Don't like active subs all that much and I don't trust prefab enclosures :)
a place called augbuth/ by the city center, i have a fiat brava 1997, u have any suggestions?
a ok! was just wondering cos im from widnes but not seen many people from the local area on here!

best thing really is to buy a sub and custom build a box for it and it aint that hard!

i did mine and it only took 2 days and thats with work and college work to do!

it all depends wot music u listen to and if your wanting to vibrate the knickers off the ladies!:p
heres what i did in my sei and the costs (from what i remember)

JBL gt4-10 sub (£40 ish was a xmas present though)
amp was second hand off a mate who was upgrading (free) you can get them from 60 - 100 quid second hand though for a decent one or for a new one of a bit of lower quality
wiring kit - £20
3 sheets of 12mm MDF - £5 a sheet ish
2 rolls of car carpet - £15 a roll
screws connectors etc. £10
bit of all purpose sealent knocking round to seal the box.
custom made JBL acrylic grille (optional) - £15

basically i wripped out the old carpet, couldnt stand it and put sound proofing in the wheel well. boxed in the left wheel arch then made a false floor which the sub box slots into. then sealed and carpeted everything and bish bash boosh! its as easy as pie!

the sub box is easy to make if youve got a bit of knowledge! i downloaded this

put in all the details of the sub and you can set constraints for the space its got to fit and it will tell you what size to make the box. dont make two of the dimensions the same size though like the height and depth, plays with the air movement aparently!

my amp is screwed to the box around the left wheel arch and ive got a quick connector on the speaker wires to the sub. so i can disconnect the box and lift the floor up and its out just leaving the amp there! when i was towed home few weeks back i got it all out, my towing eye out, and it all bak in and connected in the time it took the RAC man to get a bottle of WD40 out the van!

just measure your boot, look at what you can buy and add about 50/60 quid for materials to build with and sit there and draw some ideas before you start making! if you want any help give me a shout! i aint far away!

pics of mine:


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