Technical Strange noise just above idle

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Technical Strange noise just above idle


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Feb 10, 2005
Just took the gf's sei sporting for a quick run after replacing water pump & cambelt. Don;t appear to have any leaks or anything so everything seem OK there.

Engine seems to have a strange noise just above idle. i.e. if I rev the engine up it sounds normal, not particuarly tappy or anything, but if I just gently rev to just above idle say 1200rpm and release, it sort of hold the revs for a moment a "mo, meh, meh, mo, mo" a strange hollow noise, not a tap or a knock but defiantely engine noise of some sort. Anyone know what I mean? Changed oil yesterday and maybe wondered if putting thinner oil that recommended in has caused it, Mobil S Super 10w-40.

Also, she can't remember if it did before I worked on it, but it's pulling to the right. Is it possible that jacking up by the suspension arm mounts has caused this, or even where I caught the track rod arm on an arch liner that wasn't fixed properly?
I guess no ones sure. I would like to help but I have no idea what it could be and I didn't want to post a "No idea" waste of space reply. Hopefully someone will spot this and help you out.

No worries, I will have a listen later when it is warm. Might just be combination of cold new oil.
The cam belt is probably the reason of the noise. Let i ware a little bit and it will be gone. Or if you want be sure, put a little bit of soap on the inner side of the belt. I had the same noise, and when the outside temp went 10 C the noise was gone.