Technical stilo arbarth problems newbie needs help

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Technical stilo arbarth problems newbie needs help


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Mar 5, 2015
Hi I`m a complete newbie (to forums) not to fiats.
I `ve got a stilo abarth (manual) which I love but its got gremlins and I`m
looking for any views, help to try and cure them.
here goes has anybody had a stiff gear change particularly across the gate,
also got a couple of gauges not working correctly, the temperature gauge is a
strange one, on start up from cold the needle will start from the temperature
when you last drove her and so after a few short runs the gauge on cold start up will indicate hot and as you drive up to temperature the needle will go off the scale, but here s the strange bit if you go on a longer run the needle will steadily return down the scale and on a 200 mile ride will go off the scale the other way . as a note the car is not overheating and the temperature warning
light works as it should.
the petrol gauge is reading 30 gallons but the trip and warning light works.
any thoughts would be welcome
Hi xb thanks for that thought, gear linkages seems to be the prob slip the cables loose and they run free and loose just wondered is there a quick fix or removal and free off the only option