Technical Stilo 1.9 Jtd Airbox Problem

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Technical Stilo 1.9 Jtd Airbox Problem

Apr 21, 2015
West Midlands
Hi All

Well today i noticed something strange hanging from underneath the car when i looked i found the oil trap had come away from the bottom of the airbox housing and was hanging on the pipe :eek: and now there is a hole in it where its been hitting the road, looks like i might need another airbox.

Ive strapped it back onto a pipe with cable ties to hold it up anyway my question is how do i remove the airbox to replace it as i don,t its wise to just leave it like it is

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I think this has been a common issue over the years, if the airbox itself is undamaged its probably worth thinking about knocking up a vapour trap out of something else as the original fails so often why fit the same again.
I remember measuring some pipes and possible alternatives for someone a year or so ago on here ill see if I can find it.
I think a vitamin tub looked a suitable temporary fix.
some more info in here, pics part numbers etc of original parts

at the least you want to patch that hole asap with some strong tape like duck tape or even strong selotape.
nothing weak as it may end up getting sucked into the turbo, but cover the hole now to save dirt and debris making its way in there first it will hit turbo then into the engine.
also you may be feeling down on power as its bypassing the maf sensor.
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Hi guys

Thanks for that sounds like i need to get this fixed asap im not so sure about putting a plastic bottle on it as that would only be temp in the long run id like to get another airbox for it but i understand the need to get that hole covered now

Davren out of interest how do i remove the battery box and fuse box from the car what are the fixing points etc as i will be getting another airbox when i can find one


Today i replaced the airbox removing the battery box and fuse box was a bit of a pain all those wires :eek: but i managed it you cant really go wrong 3 bolts removes the battery box 2 at the base and one at the top at the back then with a bit of manoeuvring its out

Removing the airbox was,nt to bad just remove the air pipes self evident and it just came out with a bit of fiddling but because im my case i did,nt have to remove the bottom turbo pipe as the vapour trap was,nt attached it was strapped to a pipe under the car the clip that's on the pipe attached to the trap is easy you just undo it with a pair of pliers

Replacing it all was fiddly again but i got there

Took it for a test drive after all was good

Thanks for all your reply,s and help guys

Job done :D

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