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Technical Stalling


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Dec 12, 2005
Ok my last problem was my car stalling out in first gear, or while driving.
I had a diagnostic run on it, and it said there was a map sensor error.

But the guy who did it said it could be dirt in my carb' causing the sensor to think theres an error with it.
So last week I had all my carb' cleaned out, stripped, greased, everything.
And it's been driving beautifuly since then.. :slayer:

But today, on my way home from work on my dinner. I pulled up outside home. Had my dinner. Was about to set off. And UH OH! Stalled in 1st.
I thought maybe I stalled it, so I went slightly red faced. :eek:
Tried again.. NOT AGAIN! It wasn't me this time!

It goes in reverse fine.. But 1st gear it stalls out. :bang:

Could I be in need of a new map sensor?

GhostWKD said:
ack at the pinkness! :eek: :p

Sounds like could be map sensor to me too

Love you too. Lol..
I hope it is the damned map sensor! I need a new one, as I'm not selling a broken car! I've put an ad up for my car on here. But it's.. Uhh.. Pink.. So no guys are gonna buy it :/

I'm planning on refurbing it all - 70% done. Having it all ripped down and cleaned and full service before I sell it :D

So if its the map sensor i'll guy buy one this weekend :D