Technical 1.1 Wont rev past 3.5-4k RPM. EML Flashes and car stalls temporarily

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Technical 1.1 Wont rev past 3.5-4k RPM. EML Flashes and car stalls temporarily


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Jan 21, 2018
So my story starts out exactly like this post i was going up a hill and started to give it some beans and my car just cut ignition/fuel once it hit 3.5 to 4k rpm (ish).

I've recently had the engine out for clutch/timing belt/engine mount and to sort a new exhaust for it.

It drove rough at first as timing belt was out, sorted that issue and it flew for its size!! However the problem started a week ago, just as above.. Engine completely stalls and cuts all power, EML flashes on until the revs go back down to around 3.5k and then power comes back, if i hold my foot into it it will literally just bounce off this imaginary limiter type deal.... (VTEC Yo0o!)
Although the other day it did stall at even less RPM whilst in 2nd under heavy load. And it has died at idle before.

Another post with similar issue

I can't imagine it being the coil packs, or injectors, or spark plugs. They all looked decent when i had the engine apart. (Car ran like a dream for the first 2 weeks or so!) Most evidence ive found from research points to crank sensor, but i keep reading all this jazz about relearning Phonic wheel/crank sensor(Presumed this to just be a chicken dance like other cars to reset ecu etc).

Is Crank Sensor a good place to start? I don't really have any breakers near by me in Bradford to source this from easy just to test it out.

Anyone have any thoughts? o.0
Someone says maybe coolant temp sensor in manifold? I might not have put the safety clip thing in it when putting engine in? Would this do this?
It's a Seicento around 2003, round air box and 4 injectors so i'm guessing its an MPI model? I'm kind of getting a pattern together which points to coolant sensor? in the morning Today i gave it some right beans going down the bypass and it was fine no light at all. Half way on my journey into work once shes warmed up thats when the hesitation/stalling started again around 4k rpm.

It seems like the cold start enrichment is still there causing the miss fires etc which is causing the limiter to kick in... makes sense as there's bound to be buckets more fuel in there for the warmup period? I might try take the coolant sensor out and shove it in some ice water/boiling water, see what resistance it reads..