General Spark Plugs for Stilo Abarth

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General Spark Plugs for Stilo Abarth


popping out
Sep 24, 2005
Kirkby in Ashfield
I got £30 in vouchers from work for good behaviour :p they're them "love2shop" vouchers that can be used in woolies, b&q & halfords etc.

So I thought I'd get something for the car from halfords, my first though was to chav it up :p but then my head kicked in and thought about a decent set of spark plugs as mine haven't been changed for at least 2 years.

I've heard that the Bosch super 4's make the 2.4 a bit sluggish so has anyone got any other ideas? :)
NGK Copper...that's all I can find for mine, so the rest of you lot should show a little sympathy and use plain old boring standard plugs like me :cry:

Can you get Splitfire plugs for the Abarth? I hear they're rather tasty.
I was running Super 4s in mine, never felt it sluggish [this was before I broke it :D]
If your car is in standard trim [engine ]then a set of NGK will do the job so save you money :)