Southerners Paintballing!

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Southerners Paintballing!

Southerners Paintballing!
Posted by Bob in disguise
Saturday, April 1, 2006 - 09:30 AM
Until: Saturday, April 1, 2006 - 05:00 PM
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Aug 28, 2004
Reading, UK
Right people! I have rang campaign i have a provisional booking for the 1st April, so i now need your deposits! They also have other people booked for this day so we have some compedtition :D

£10 deposit is needed and an additional £2.50 will need to be paid on the day. For this you get rental of all the gear (gun and clothing) and lunch included :)

Paintballs have to be bought there and you can not bring your own. They cost £100 for 2000 or £6 for 100 (works out better to get into groups of 4 and buy 2000 between you)

I will need your deposits asap, if you could add your name to this list if your coming for certain on the 1st April and i will then send you my address via PM, so you can send the deposit.

For more information see:

Thanks Bob


1. Jason (bob in disguise)
1. Jason (bob in disguise)
2. Simon (Si - Punto)
3. Alex (Ghost)

p.s. what time we be finishing here, i been invited to a partay in the evening... man im gonna be sore :( and will we really get through enough balls to justify 500 each? :eek: :p
1. Jason (bob in disguise)
2. Simon (Si - Punto)
3. Alex (Ghost)
4. Mark (H2DaE)
5. Owen (OXCiD3)
6. Gaz (Whiley)

i cant wait love to cause carnagewill try sort u out with the money tomorow j gotta go get an overdraft out :yuck:
**** your gonna have to take me off the list, parents just informed me of a wedding...:eek:

i mean come on...who gets married on april fools day!

sorry dudes.(n) i was really looking foreward to it...:(

I'm tempted to postpone this event, because ive spoken to a few people and theyve said theyre not sure due to finances. So maybe put it back to later in the year and then give a lot more time for organising so people can get plenty of notice for time off etc.
Could be a plan, Jas - to be honest, I have so much going on in my life at the moment, that I can't really commit to it now.

I think if we do it again, it needs to be done in proper FF styley :slayer:
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