Styling sound system and car polish help?

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Styling sound system and car polish help?


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Jun 18, 2007
I just bought a new cd player and need a decent sound system to go with it..prefferibly sony. dunno much about which to choose....have a bit of money to play with but dont want to go over the top...

and anyone reccommend what good polish to get that lasts, isit better to use black colour magic or go for a really decent polish?

oassed my test 3 weeks ago n spendin alot the now to celebrate
cheers lads n lassies:devil:
i have a 2001 1.2 punto....i dont want to spend loads but enough to have good quality sound system, not cheap but not fully dear...kind of in the middle

dont know much about what differnce amps or subs etc would make
I dont want to spend alot...but no doubt if i have the money i will just go for it!

spend 50 quid on a gear knob alone so that kind of sets up how the rest of my car stuff will be!

If anyone comes accross a link to some deals put them up if you dont mind(y)
the thing was pulling off all the i decided to splash out on the day i passed my test.....was well worth it lol
I just bought a new cd player and need a decent sound system to go with it..prefferibly sony.
if its a good sound your after then dont go with sony, try JBL or some of the other well known ones, halfords sell a few, you could have a look in there and see what you like.,
and 50quid for a gear knob? i presume thats in GBP, thats about 70 euro:eek: ! are you mad?.,lol
for polish, you should only need to polish it once a year, there are hundreds to choose from depending how bad your car is. but the turtle wax coloured stuff is pretty good at filling in the gaps.

what you want is a wax/syntetic protection stuff. again turtle wax super gloss guard can be had under £5 a bottle. and one application will last around 3-6months :cool:
If you want cheap sound system you could always do what i did and go to there's loads to choose from. I went on there already having a make of speakers i wanted in mind (Vibe) and seen them for half the price that i would pay at Halfords. The speakers i have and would recommend is Vibe sek 70 kevlar at the front, and Qb69 rear speakers in the back they are quite bassy but bleddy good, if you run all this with a black box 3 amp and a Blackair 12" sub with a monobox 2 amp it goes like a dream hope this helps.