Grande Punto Soon to own Fiat Grande Punto


I've just puta deposit down on my first car which is a 1.2 active Fiat Grande Punto. I say soon to be as I'm leaving it til march the 1st to pick it up so it will be a 09 plate.




Front (mind the stickers)

I will put more pics up when i actually get the car and hopefully they won't have those awful stickers on them :D
I finally got the car on Sunday and have only just got round to uploading some pics. So here they are as promised.

Front at Night

Back at Night

Steering wheel

Red Interior

And finally the beautiful Punto badge.

Any thoughts or tips welcome!(y)
S'funny really. All through the ''70s and most of the '80s, everybody bought red, white or blue cars and despite the 70s trend for lilac, pale yellow and orange, red, white or blue remained the default option. I don't even think you could find a black car new. Then came the FWD hot hatches like the Golf GTI, 205GTI and the XR3 which were very popular in black, but for the majority of the population, black reminded them too much of post-war and '50s austerity.

Then for years no-one would buy a white car through the late '90s and into the noughties. Everyone I spoke to said they looked naff. About as appealing aesthetically as an Essex Girl's white shoes and black thights.

Now, all my colleagues at work say they like white cars, and they spend most of their working lives in one.

Even fancy one myself. Rumour has it there's a white '09 model in the Greater London area if anyone wants to go down with a lift truck. One owner, low mileage and only registered in March this year.....

Nice car by the way, and welcome to the Forum