Soon New Fiat Owner: 1978 124 Spider

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Soon New Fiat Owner: 1978 124 Spider


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Feb 7, 2006
I don't know crap about Fiat's except they're Italian and so am I, so I figure I'll buy one. Need a car bad and found this Fiat pretty cheap; I'll have it in a week or so.

Any advice? It's got 67k miles and I'll be driving it home on a 400 mile trip. Do I need to make sure I've got Triple A before the trip? The guy selling says it's fine and reliable. He rebuilt the carb and it's got a new batt.

Anyway, I'm glad there are people I can turn to for help. I can work on a motorcycle, but never tried a car, and I may be asking lots of questions soon!


Hello :) Sounds like an interesting project, are you in the US? Breakdown cover is always a good idea, sods law says if you have it you'll be fine but if you don't you WILL break down ;)
Thanks for the welcome all... and yes, I'm in the US. I've got some ideas about modifying this little car. but I'm totally dumb about cars... What is the largest size wheel I can put on this car? And tire? And what is "ideal".