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Technical Something on the Light Side.


Apr 29, 2022
Hi All,

The Car is a 2005 Doblo 1.9 JTD 223.

My lights work very well but only when Ignition Switch is engaged.

There are 3 categories of lights. Side/Parking Lights - Dipped Headlights - Main Beam Headlights.

Just had a pre MOT check up who state my Side/Parking Lights are not working.

I have checked them - they operate as they alway have since I purchased the vehicle a year ago - that is turn Ignition Switch key to first position - switch on by turning end knob of light switch arm.

Should they operate even without Ignition Switch key - as most Cars 'in the good old days'?

Used to be that way but as stated on this Doblo they always have only operated as stated above.

Any clues out there please??

Best Rgds
Not sure about the Doblo but on my old Ducato you could leave a side light on by putting the indicator on the side you wanted the parking light once the key was removed.
Bit hard to remember but I think it had a little button on the ignition barrel itself that you had to press for both parking lights.
Fiat lights have always been ignition controlled, although some did flash main beam without ignition being on, and there are the obligatory parking lights