Technical So what engine oil do you use in a 1.8? (183A1000)

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Technical So what engine oil do you use in a 1.8? (183A1000)


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Oct 12, 2019
Hey guys,
Since I got the car I replaced the head gasket and rebuilt the cylinder head at a machine shop, and of course lots of other stuff but that doesn't really matter right now.

So when I finished the project I had consulted with lots of people from where I live (Israel) and they all said that I need to put a 10W-60 grade oil in the engine. I must say they have the same car and they used the 10W-60 grade oil all the time.

Now that's what I used until today (after the engine project I did, I used 10W-40 for a few miles to flush the system for the first time), and I do have a couple of issues one of which was pretty major.

1-When I start the engine there's a loud tapping noise from the Variator (last time replaced more then 6 years) I think it's from the variator as the sound only is there when I start the engine sometimes doesn't matter if the engine is hot or cold, the sound is there but disappears in a second.

2-Engine oil consumption. I measured and the engine consumes for 100km of driving=100ml of engine oil. But, after I installed a catch can (with filter) the consumption rate dropped and I still measure how much it consumes.

My big question is, what engine oil do you recommend to use? I drive pretty hard on her so I'd like to invest good oil (I used Motul 10W-60) and I replace every 5kKM. It's pretty hot in here (let's say it gets to 43°c in summer and winter reach to 3°c even a bit less than that)

Any thoughts?

Thank you.
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