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General sliding door interior panels


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Jul 4, 2004
United Kingdom.
does anybody know how I can safely remove the interior of the sliding doors without breaking bits, I need to get access to the door handle mechanism but am worried asbout snapping bits and peices trying to remove interior panels, any diagrams would be appreciated or advice
there are about 3 or 4 screws i think torx bits. one of which is hiden from view along the bottom of the door towards the front.
then just pull firmly around the edges of the panel but there are some clips that always break, so just get some from fiat.
regarding the handle mechanism check that all the little springs are still in thier correct position.
oh and you will have to have a rivet gun and rivets handy to refit the thing, and of course a drill and 3.0mm bit to drill out the old rivets.
hope this helps.
the window is a manula winder not electric, how do i remove the winder handle without breaking it, i cannot see any screws on it and it stopping me from taking the panel off

not sure but usualy they either come off with a good pull ( i know the citroen picasso ones do for definate) or you have to push back the panel and pop a little clip off using a terminal screw driver or something suitably small.