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General Skyroof maintenance


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Oct 12, 2006
leeds west yorkshire
skyroof update

hi guys just a quick update on skyroof no working. got in car this morning thought try sunroof wow it works,dont have any idea why or wherefore but it WORKS!. thanks for any help you have given on this forum.
have a nice day rustycoupling
Re: skyroof update

Mine went funny the other day, it wouldn't close! it started then when 1 blade was closed it would open again!

It closed after about 5 mins of swearing though :) these things sometimes just fix themselves.

that probably means there was something stuck in the runners dan. the blind on mine used to stutter. degrease and regrease the whole thing, now its loooooovley :p
Re: skyroof update

My problem comes when shutting, it often sticks and used to frustrate the hell out of me. Now if it sticks i reach up and help the bloody thing along....:)
Re: skyroof update

Yeah, after washing mine a little bit of the rubber seal was sticking up which was enough to stop it shutting.
Does anyone have any good tips for keeping the Skyroof in excellent working order whilst the winter months are in (and also for the rest of the time i own the car).

Also, how low should i let the temperature drop before i shouldnt use it anymore. As i still intend to use it, as long as there isnt any mist, or wetness on it.

Many Thanks (y)
If you just want to give your skyroof some maintenance then open the roof up fully and clean all the runners and the assembly - get rid of the standard grease as best you can.
Replace the grease with vaseline, use an old toothbrush or similar to work the vaseline into all the "fiddly" bits and pay particular attention to all the moving parts. Made a huge difference to the smoothness of my skyroof (y)

I'll try and post up a wee piece on the whole 'operation' shortly ;)

I've had my roof open during the winter, but obviously not when it's frosty or when it's bloody cold!!
Most morning when i go out to work now its usually damp so i dont use it then, but ive been using it on a lunchbreak, or on a weekend. Its nice on an evening at 8 going to the gym as well.
I'll try and post up a wee piece on the whole 'operation' shortly ;)
Great stuff (y)

I think far too few Stilo owners give their Sky-roofs much attention maintenance wise - many seem to think it'll carry on working for ever :rolleyes:

Considering it's the single most impressive part of the whole car (after the JTD engine :devil:) then it seems crazy not to look after it.
while we're on the subject i thought i'd throw this one in..

sometimes a get a bad rattle from the skyroof when the car is idling (a diesel engine), if I open and close the skyroof then it can disappear, and will not reappear until I open the roof again.

So it appears that sometimes it closes snuggly and others it doesn't. Could this be the seal? or the mechanism?
Are you sure that its the skyroof rattling and not perhaps the lining around the ceiling.

I have found that the fabric 'holder' strip on mine can rattle at some times, and not at others.

Its usually bad first thing in a morning at the moment, particularly when it is cold. I have found that a good solution to this is that every week when i wash my, i just push it back into place a bit. :p
KY Jelly, or Durex Tingle?

It's that time of year again, the sun is out so the skyroof is playing up!

It all worked just fine last year, but this year it's playing up. The problem seems to lie with the front glass panel sticking on the o/s. When you turn the switch, the nearside opens about half an inch, there's a lovely grating noise from the motor and the whole thing just gives up. However, give the sticky part a good shove at the right time and it opens up just fine. Likewise when you try to close it, it gets so far, stops the motor makes the grating noise and it won't quite close. Use the reset while leaning on the the front glass panel and it closes! Sounds to me like it just needs a thorough clean.

So, what do ya'll recommend as a good lube? I've no idea what is currently on it, but in parts it seems to have crystalised, while most of it seems to have somehow become watered down. With luck the weather will stay decent this weekend so I can de-grease, clean up and re lubricate the skyroof, I just want to make sure I get something decent to put on there. All suggestions welcome.
I cleaned it with hot soapy water and a toothbrush then got the Vaseline out(y)
I prefer to use GT85 spray which is teflon based. Unlike WD40 or similar, it doesn't thicken, clog or attract dirt. I inspect it regularly and using GT85, it stays cleaner and works better for longer.
Re: Skyroof curtain

Hi all

Hope you all doing well. Wondering if anyone can help me plsssssssssssss cos i am sooo frustrated. i got a fiat stilo abarth with a skyroof and i've never ever had problems with the sunroof itself but by blind underneath is not working. When i open the blind it opens from the front but it dosent move in from the back, ie - theres no tention on the blind. Any suggestions would be great. i love my fiat to bits and want to fix it soo i can start using my sunroof.