Grande Punto Skylar the Grande


Well Firenze died unfortunately, drive shafts both went and front 2 hubs needed changing so R.I.P

But onwards and upwards, got offered 1000 towards a newer punto

2008 Punto grande active

Engine mods:

Magnex Backbox
Induction Kit

Blue Momo Rep alloys
Blue Wing mirros
Pressed Plates
colour coded door handles
Sporting side skirts
Jom Coilovers (Spring assistors and rear spring adjusters taken out)
Sticker bombed front numberplate recess
Under car neon ( just for laughs :p)
Led bulbs all round
Stickers here and there

Vibe Speakers all round
Sony GT560 HU
Maystar 1000W 4 channel amp
Twin Maystar Xbass subs in custom made build wrapped in leatherette

Cree led white interior light
blue footwell Neon's
sticker bombed dash

Here she is looking very bare ATM, not planning anything major literally sporting alloys maybe sporting skirts and spoiler but nowhere near as silly as the last one (no interior changes for e.g)
Few new pictures now has

Debadged grille
Vauxhall Vectra sxi alloys
Punto stripe
and a new subwoofer in her

Next on the list is some EIbach sportlines, needs dropping on her ass


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Nice and tidy. I keep looking at Vauxhall alloys, tempting. All you need now are some low's on that motor. Liking the progress so far though.

yeah just a 40mm drop im thinking, theres a lad on here henry reily hes called, got tigra alloys on his, saw him at a cruise last week they look nice, direct fits too vauxhall alloys
few new pics of sky


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yeah i wasnt a massive fan at first had seen them on blue gps with white stripe n that kinda put me off, but there is a gp at work which has been fettled with and hers in dark grey with a white stripe and i love it so it kinda swayed me to get them. As for the lows i was suppose to have them yesterday from the same girl who has the stripes because her car kept scraping with them on, unfortunately shes not spoke to me since Friday lol :/
First off apologies to anybody who i pissed of last time i was on here, was going through a bad time, lost my job amongst other things.anyway heres an update
got rid of the vauxhall alloys, picked up some nice team dynamic megastars for a little dish, pic dont do them justice. wound the colies down more, stickerbombed the dash and got colour coded door handles and sideskirts of a totaled sporting for a very good price (£25 for the skirts in the same colour as my car aswell as door handles for £30) heres a few pics of how she sits now, like i said alloys look ****e in pics but uyou get the idea


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