how to fit a single wiper conversion to a seicento...

firstly you will need a wiper motor from an uno(and arm) can be aquired from any scrap yard for around a 10er...

tools: socket or spanner set, phillips screw driver, wire crimper, swear box.

1)take both wipers off the car, using a socket or spanner.

2)open the bonnet, take off the seal strip at the back of the engine/ bottom of the windscreen, remove battery and take out the screws from the instulation, and hose cover, pull back all this lot now...

3)remove heater box if you can be arsed, i managed it without, but it was a struggle, un plug connector block.

4)you should now be able to see the wiper mechanism, this unbolts and should come out towards the PASSANGER side of the car (watch your heater box)

5)you should now be able to slide your motor in from the side, feed the stub thru the hole in the middle, you may need to extend the wires, as it joins up in the corner below the pasenger side a pillar. mount the new motor up, pop the straight wiper arm on, tighten the bolt and test.

you may need to mess around with the mounting, as it seems to jump if not set up right.

rear wiper removal...

1) open tailgate and undo the 5 screws holding the brake light cover on, un clip brake light wire, and throw trim on the back seat.

2) take of the rear wiper arm usiing socket or spanner.

3) unplug connector block, and take out the 3 bolts holding the motor in.

4) take motor out and throw down the road :D

5)re-install brake light and cover.

you will also need 2 rubber grommets, for the holes the wiper stubs leave :D (1 front, 1 rear)

happy removal guys and gals!

pictures to follow..
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