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Technical Short Throw Shifter


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Aug 29, 2007
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Got a '79 1498cc X1/9 last month - thought it would be a good project for my son and I. We would like to get a short throw shifter - something that might have a better feel. Does anyone know of a supplier?

I am not aware of anyone making these anywhere.

Improving the feel of the shifter is going to be tricky. The gear linkage is normally at fault, not the shifter and a short shift arrangement might make it feel worse rather than better as you loose a degree of accuracy.

Most X1/9s get really sloppy but it is just down to a joint halfway along the linkage. Make sure it is properly tightened up and that the rubber "lollipop" has not disintegrated (you don't really need the rubber bit but it does stop a lot of vibration being transmitted into the cabin.

The other half of the problem is the engine mountings, especially the large lower doughnut. If the the mountings are on their way out the gear shift can become very tricky to use, even to the point where the engine can pretty much shift itself just be revving it up hard and then backing off.
I'm with jimbro on this one. I thought i'd want a shot hifter because my X is to be used exclusively from track days, but after driving it (with fully reco'd engine mounts and a new 'box) I can honestly say it doesn't need one AND feels fantastic. I have a lightened stock flywheel and i still change faster than the engine will keep up with.
My vote is with fixing the engine mounts first and see if that feels better. Or move your arm faster! (joke. sort of.)