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Jan 29, 2007
I bought a spoiler off ebay for my bravo the other day, it came this morning. thing is, i think there has to be holes in the rear window for me to fix it on? i was looking on another website and it says it fixes onto the window. help me please!!
best thing to do is basically glue it on with a good adhesive..thats what i did..people say tigerseal is the best but there are loads out there, i have never used tigerseal.
So if I use some decent adhesive it should be alright?
How exactly am i going to stick it on, in what posittion, anybody got any images showing how to fix it on?
It should be the position where the edge of the spoiler meet the boot lid. If using tiger seal or similar, remember they ideally need 24hrs drying time so you will need to hold the spoiler in position as the adhesive dries.
Piece of **** mate.

Fitted one to my SX. Grind the studs off the spoiler, then use tiger seal to glue it on.

I had visions if it flying off on the motorway, but it is on with just a little bit or flex in it, which is what tiger seal is meant to do.