General Servicing the Panda (750)

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General Servicing the Panda (750)

Dec 5, 2005
Sleepy Suffolk
Hi all, I am after some advice.

I am about to service the car, out of interest how much would you expect to pay for the following goodies?:

Oil filter
Air filter
Spark Plugs
Set of leads

Would you also replace distributor cap / points / condenser? Anything else I have missed that you would look at replacing on a Panda? Don't worry about brakes as these are ok.

The car runs ok. The car warms up and idles fine but every minute or so the engine kind of struggles a bit but then goes back to normal idle. Is this normal? The car has also stalled when slowing down (just) a couple of times in the extreme cold. But hey, it was cold.

Would appreciate your input.
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VAcuum advance unit on the distributor - there is a thread about it somewhere! causes a lot of bother for something so stupidly easy to replace. . . . .
Pandarus said:
Hi Sprox

How much for one of those?

PS. Noticed your 4 x 4 has a bid!
Yeah! and 20 people all emailing me for a Buy It Now Price to take it off Ebay! they'll be round with the cash today or tomorrow!
Are people not on the Fiat Froum because they don't yet own a Panda ?:idea: