Technical Servicing an MK1 Turbo

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Technical Servicing an MK1 Turbo

Oct 2, 2003
Cheadle, Staffordshire
IF the rain holds off today im gonna give the turbo a basic service.

Gonna change the Oil, Coolant, sparks, leads, oil filter and fuel filter.

Questions are - What rating oil should I use? The manuals in halfords dont list the turbos.

Also, as far as sparks and leads go, would a set of bosch super 4s do the job? ive always used them on my cinqs, same with the bosch leads and never had any complaints. I know they arent the recomended ones to use but I will have to order those so wont be able to do it today.

same with fuel filter and oil filter, will halfrauds brand do the job or should I go for the champion ones? someone told me that champion is useless! :confused:

Servicing? What's that?
Is that, like, fixing stuff before it's broken? :D

Oil: semi-synthetic, 10W40 seems to work fine.

Filters: some people have problems with cheap oil filters causing oil to drain back to the sump, and then the oil pressure warning light takes a second or two to extinguish when starting the engine. In the worst cases, the engine starts with a clatter (very bad). So, if you've had these problems, get an expensive filter. Otherwise, I suggest fitting a Halfords filter (probably good quality anyway) and being on the lookout for the oil pressure light.

Spark plugs: the original Mk1 schedule suggested changing plugs at 7500km - half the interval of standard Uno models. My Uno Turbo has two-electrode Bosch Super plugs and I've never felt the need to change them. There is a reasonably sound (in my opinion) argument for using two-, three-, or four-electrode plugs - they will last longer because the spark is 'split' between the electrodes and so will erode them less. If one electrode were to wear down more than the others, then the spark would simply take the easier route to the less-worn electrodes.

EDIT: I went out to the Uno Turbo and checked the spark plugs with an inspection mirror. I had thought they were NGK, turns out they are Bosch Super, can't read any other type number (sorry) without removing the plug, and can't find my plug spanner. Shows how much I worry about such things on my Uno Turbo :)

i've been quite happy with NGK bcp7et plugs (3 electrodes) reasonable too at £2.50 each

as for oil appears to be quite subjective and personal for such a topic, i use 10w40 semi synth

be careful getting the rotor arm from halfords, last time i went the one they had listed wasnt quite the right fit, the dizzy caps are def worth getting if you're rooting around in there

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If you're getting most of the stuff from Halfrauds they stock "Hotleads". You buy the leads and the ends and put them together as required. 8mm so thicker than standard (I think) giving a better flow for the spark. Nice and bendy too and they come in Yellow or Orange :D
never seen those im my halfrauds :confused:

So what exactly should be on the list of things to change?

so far ive done the oil, oil filter and sparks.

Im going to do the leads, coolant and fuel filter. but whatelse would you recomend? cam belt was done late last year so thats ok for a good while anyway.
Air filter and fuel pump screen filter. Check all the brakes. Flush the brake fluid. gearbox oil?

WR6DTC are the original plugs. BCPR7ET are the NGK version. I would use these. 5 years ago I decided to buy some platium plugs so I didn't have to replace them every service. I have BKR7EVX

After having problems with an aftermarket oil filter ive alwasy used genuine. However last service I used a UFI. I believe they make the genuine ones.