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General Seized rear Brakes

Ive got the same problem, it wont budge, bugger! im planning a massive acceleration to try and make the disc slide, could i spray summink on the disc beforhand? or is this gonna bugger up the pads? I know at airport car parks this hapopens alot and they just reverse hard to unlock it, but this has been 7 months not 2 weeks.
I assume we are talking about your handbrake here? The handbrake cables on the B are not the best, try driving forward and reverse to free it, have someone outside the car check to see if only one or both of the rear wheels are seized. If it is only one you could try hitting the cable near the rear wheels with a softish mallet to see if that frees it otherwise it is cable off and more than likely a new one or both ( one each side).
I reckon it's best to leave the handbrake off if you are parking your B up for extended periods. - leave it in gear and chock the wheels.

If you look under the car, the cable acts on an arm on the caliper. If you can shift the arm with a big pair of pliers and unhook the cable then you may be able to free off the cable with loads of WD40 and a pair of pliers - just keep pushing and pulling the cable and spraying WD down the sheath until it comes free.

If not then it's new cables - not something I've had to do but it looks liek you need to drop the exhaust and a heatshield to do this.

This affects Coupes also. only real recourse, is new calipers as the pistons once seized are very hard to get working properly again. ive spent ages trying on my coupe without success. For parts, cheapest ive found is brake International.
The cables also freeze up and once they have moisture in, will playup as soon as it goes cold.

great replies thanks.
yep i didnt even put my HB on for storage, and it still froze on!! Should i be filling the replacement cables with oil or something?
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Has anyone ever had problems getting the wheel pistons to return? I notice on the Stilo section there's many threads about having to wind them back in?

I just had to do the same on my B. Was the only way they would shift. Problem is I had to remove them from the car so now I gotta bleed the damn things:mad:

Do you think I'll have the same problem with the fronts?

Hope someone can help, even if just say they never encountered this on a Barchetta before.
On my 1999 B, the rear calipers are wind back and the front are push back.

Dont ask why Fiat did it that way !?!

FYI: If you are pushing or winding back the caliper pistons, dont forget to open the brake reservoir screw on cap.

Do you need a special tool to wind back the rear pistons?

My X1/9 has a slot in the piston, so I can just use a BIG screwdriver, but my 156 needs a wind back tool.
If you see the threads in the stilo section, the answer would be yes you need a special tool, but I used a square section bar with a hole drilled/threaded in it, put a bolt in it and jacked the piston down whilst turning the piston with a pair of grips. NOT ideal and high risk of damaging delicate parts such as seals if something slips, but it worked fine - just screw and twist as the actress said to the bishop! :devil:

But see the Stilo section, lots of good ideas.
It is as good as can be for a light, but poky front-wheel drive car. A bit skittish over uneven roads in the corners. The build quality is definitely more Italian than Japanese, but then the Barchetta actually looks good. I do not a problem as you said.

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No majorly apparent problems with the brakes, but I can say that I have a very annoying squeak in the back passenger side wheel. Lifted the car and spun the wheel. It does appear that the breaks are making the noise. No dirt present (well, nothing out of the ordinary).... but darned it's an annoying squeak.
I am also facing the same issue. When I returned home after a long world trip, I too found my rear brakes seized.

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