Technical Seicento weirdness, Can anyone help?

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Technical Seicento weirdness, Can anyone help?


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Oct 29, 2020
Right then.. I have 3 things going on at least 2 of which I think are linked. When I fully cane around a right hand bend (usually the roundabout near my house) the car suddenly loses all power, kind of chokes up. Sometimes it comes back straight away and others I sit there tickling the accelerator trying to tease some revs out of it. Also this is usually accompanied by the fuel gauge suddenly going to zero and the fuel light coming on. If I turn it off and start it back up again,it's fine. Also the power steering went off yesterday shortly after the above. Again when I switched it off and started up again the power steering came back. Any Knowledge on what this may be would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Check battery terminal clamps are clean and snug.

Fit a new wire from battery negative to gear box and a new wire from gear box to bodywork.

Make sure your battery hold down clamp is fitted and tight.
Thanks for that, I have done what you said and tested it out and it seems to be working
Thanks for that(-:
A lot of suggestions given on the forum are often ignored.
Plus thank you for letting us know the outcome.
Cheers Jack