General seicento sporting engine knocking

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General seicento sporting engine knocking


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Oct 25, 2007
hi im new to this site and could do with some advice can anyone help.

i have a 1999 t reg seicento sporting 1.1 that on start up knocks from the top end and on tick over and the oil light stays on.i have checked the oil all seems fine if i rev it up the oil light goes out and knocking noise dissappears still drives fine with no power loss then when drops down to tickover oil light comes on again and knocking appears any ideas before i go and put another engine in it cheers
Sounds like your big ends have gone.

New engine prob easier...
thanks i thought so will start looking for an engine cheers
More like cam problem if its the top end ticking.

The light refers to oil pressure not quantity.

Its either pump failure or relief valve failure, if its been that like for a while a replacement engine may be the simple solution.

If your insurance will stand it, a 1242 conversion might be calling you.


thanks for the reply can get hold of a punto 1242 engine which i would like to fit but would it go straight in as it seems to have a cam sensor and my 1.1 does not cheers
it says spi on the ecu of the car its out of is that a good thing
cheers phill
single point injection. on further inspection its not a cam sensor its the wireing and plug for the crank sensor but it runs inside the cam cover so hopefully will be ok going to fit it on monday will let you know how it goes cheers for the help much appreciated.
fitted engine all went ok appart from the exhaust is to short to fit onto the head would the punto manifold do the trick or do i need to weld a bit into my exhaust any ideas cheers
thanks for all your replys, all good news got exhaust fitted today and it fired up straight away running sweet as a nut. not too much of a bad job really went pretty smooth.
total job cost £60 all together thats including the engine with 51k on the clock well happy thanks again for the advice.:D
yes it was quite easy really ive done harder engines in my time:)