Technical Seicento inner CV boot prob

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Technical Seicento inner CV boot prob


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Jan 9, 2009
Aha! The penny has dropped. The clip must be already clamped around the bearing - no need for anymore tightening! The bearing must be an interference fit to the shaft. Not sure how I'm going to drive it into position - definitely shat out to the work bench! Why is the Fiat workshop manual so vague???!!!(n)

puller to remove, or see below
tube just larger than shaft and well hammer...
Feb 3, 2006
That's really wierd, that was the company that told me they were only available from a Fiat main dealer!:mad:

It happens because they rely on info from ePer via VIN or model.

For example:
In ePer, an 899 long side driveshaft 46476614 (now discontinued) for a Cinq shows the shaft on its own. On the Seicento drawing, it shows 46476614 as being the complete shaft?
The boot assembly for the Cinq is split into separate parts but not for the Seicento as it comes now as a kit. The rubber damper parts were available separately on the Cinq also.

Some info:

Fiat 7699037, 46476614 - Cinquecento 900 /Seicento 900 shaft long.
Fiat: 46477176 - Cinquecento 900/Seicento shaft short.
Fiat: 7647244 - constant velocity joint Cinquecento / Seicento
Fiat: 71738383, Seal/bearing semi Wed ext. 23mm diam. zew.37/47mm Fits models: Cinquecento 900/Seicento 900/Uno 1.0/Uno Mondo 1.2 8V MPI / Siena 1.4/Bravo 1.9 DS
Fiat: 7625541 - Inner boot 899 Cinquecento / Seicento / Uno
Fiat: 7540062, Tripod Joints Cinquecento/Seicento/Uno/Punto. diam29.2 x9, 5, H = 24 number of teeth: 19
Cinquecento: 899, 903, 1108, Seicento: 899, 1108 Punto 55, 60, 75, 90, 1.1, 1.2 Uno 1.3 Diesel'89, R/89 900, 1.0, 1.1, R/89 1116, 1370, 1.5
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