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General Seicento Headlight


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Jan 28, 2006
Good afternoon to you all!

I have been asked by a relative to have a look at their Seicento as a stone has cracked their O/S headlight.

Can anybody advise as to whether just the lens can be replaced or is it a complete new unit?

If complete new unit is required, can anybody recommend where I can obtain a replacement cheaply. I've had a look on Ebay & the only one on there is a buyitnow for £65!

Thanks for your help & I look forward to hearing from you.

IIRC you will require a new headlight.

Try a scrapyard for a cheap replacement (y)

Obviously dont buy an MPI headlight when it is for an SPI seicento and vice versa
(y) Many thanks, I thought that this may be the case.
I was just hoping it may be like my Mondeo where you remove several clips & simply replace the glass.

Thanks again.

Ive never heard of anyone replacing just the glass, when mine was cracked i got a new one im sure someone can advise further if this is not the case :)