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Mar 10, 2004
lancashire, United Kingdom.
just bought an engine for my cinquecento 900 cc single point
this on is out of a seicento 51 plate
this will fit wont it? cant see them making it mpi
also can i be sure its 51 plate as what year did 900 cc engines stop when they all went 1100 cc cheers
Don't know when they stopped the 899, but you cannot confuse them. The 1108 is an OHC Fire engine, the 899 is a pushrod. If there is a cam on top, its an 1108, if there is no cam on top, its an 899.


the 900cc unit was discontinued when the MPI was introduced, which was in early 2001.

I dont think the engine you have acquired will drop staright in, there is a lot of work involved, you will need to change a lot things, putting an MPI unit into an SPI car is not straight forward i would imagine

In most cases a 51 reg vehicle will be an MPI unit. I think you might have jumped the gun a bit early and might struggle to fit this unit

EDIT-Check this thread
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shnowzy said:
from the pics its defo a 900 cc engine
surley that didnt make a 900 cc multipoint
well i hope they didnt

There was never a 900cc MPI, however the 51 reg engine wont be 900cc, it will be 1108cc
I was reading that the OP had bought an 899 form a Sei ti put into his Cinq and was worried that he had got an MPi one. Maybe i'm wrong, tis not unusual.


1998-01/2001 899cc Sei S and SX are all SPI engines

01-end of life, all models were 1108cc MPI engines
thanks for that did not think there was a mpi 900 engine

how hard is it to replace an engine? this has got gearbox attached and all ancilleries attached how long shall it take has ne1 ever put this block in back of a seicento to lift home not too heavy is it ?