General seicento 5th gear prob.

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General seicento 5th gear prob.


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Oct 14, 2007
Just collected a 99 Seicento sporting I bought on e-bay and have found a problem with 5th gear jumping out.Only does it when your cruising on motorway and you take your hand off the gear knob for a while.Any tips from other owners would be much appretiated.I think I can live with it until the clutch needs changing,and I'll probably change the box at the same time.The seller offered a full refund,or a discounted price.I love the handling and performance so much(I had an SX before)I couldn't take it back !
had this problem in my old cinq - time for a new gearbox im afraid.

Having said that, I didnt ever get round to changing the gearbox - changed the clutch cable (due to another - albeit related, problem), which helped massively with 5th...
Yeah,I think a new cable is my first job,and see how I go from there.Is ebay the best place for cheap spares ?
Any idea of which boxes will fit my 99 Abarth seicento,is a punto box ok if I can't find a direct replacement.And what sort of money should be about right for a 2nd hand box.