Technical Sedici Windscreen Wiper Problem

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Technical Sedici Windscreen Wiper Problem


Dey Turk Er Jerbs
Jul 27, 2006
The only setting that works is when they are on full belt, but they really do move a bit too fast when it's only spitting. The intermittent settings cause the wiper to stroke up, stick in the upward position for a moment, then 'stutter' down the window. :( It is not caused by any kind of adhesion to the glass, and looks more like some kind of electrical/motor problem.

The fault is more of an irritant really, the car still passed the MOT last month. It's in being resprayed this week so just thought I'd see if I could get some pointers for when I get it back. Anyone able to help?
Remove the plastic panel and spray oil the links. If that doesnt fix it maybe the wiper relay is faulty. The wipers are really complicated, possible the most difficult wiring job I had to do on my car,

My diesel tipo had juddering wipers.. I'm sure I fixed it but can't remember how :( Sure it was mechanical rather than electrical.
HI guys - the car has not been sitting for any length of time for years, the blades don't wobble and I am going to try Besbie's advice when I get him back in a few days - thanks a lot guys

Looks good. Grease on the contacts :rolleyes: Maybe you can grease the worm with an electolytic grease (one that conducts electricity), then it won't stop working again :D
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