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Technical Sedici timing belt change


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Jul 1, 2013
I’m in the (long) process of getting my 93 2.0 16V back on the road after quite a lot of bodywork and other mechanical bits like the clutch But it’s still in quite a few pieces!
As it hasn’t been run properly since late 2014 the timing belt and balance belt are long overdue being changed but I’m having real trouble finding anyone that will do the job. I’ve done single cam Fiat engines (in my 1.4 Tipo) but don’t really fancy tackling this job! As the car can’t really be driven anywhere I’ve even looking locally for any specialists but most seem to have gone for these or don’t have the locking tools etc so don’t want to it.
Does anyone have any recommendations on anyone who still does these jobs hopefully not too far from Barnsley ,South Yorkshire, as it would probably need transporting there?


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As you have done the cam belt on your other 1.4 Tipo then all the same principals/methods apply to the 2.0 16V engine.

Also unlike more modern engines I don't believe the timing is as critical and necessarily requires the special timing tools. I've done our 1.8L 16V Barchetta timing belt several times without using official timing tools. Just carefully marked everything up. That said on the Barchetta there are no TDC crank shaft pulley end markings behind the pulley wheel which has to come off. For this I just used a template arm to allow me to mark the position much further away on another part of the engine.

Not sure if your engine has balancer shafts? If so then I've personally never had to deal with these so can not advise.