Technical Scudo II - weird sound after start

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Technical Scudo II - weird sound after start


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Oct 28, 2022
Hello everybody,

I am newly registered here, because of my Scudo (Scudo II, 2010, 2.0/100kw). Currently 180k kms.

List of the services in the last 12months

-08/2021 - EGR replace 160k
-11/2021- all filters + oil change 171k
-05/2022 - EGR replace again 175k
-06/2022 - clutch + dualmass flywheel 176k + water pump set
-08/2022 - mainfold gasket 179k
- 09/2022 - spark plugs (all) 181k
Here comes the issue since replacing the mainfold gasket.

Once the car is parked for a while ( 5-6hours+), doesn't matter if it is in the garage, on the sun, or just outside the house, in first 30-40 seconds after the start kind of weird noise can be heared from engine( sound fluctuation), rpm are stable at this point. Next starts are also OK, until it stay few hours, then it appears again. From time to time there is also some lag while pushing the throttle ( 2-3times per week) but generally it running well, acceleration is fine, no any smoke.

Diagnostic - EGR, fuel pump, injectors are OK, fuel filter replaced as well few days ago.

Newly noticed sympthom is one the car is running at 800rpm and slighty push the throttle it makes something like engine choke, yesterday made it 15-20times and on the last one it completely shut down engine, then it started immediately.

Does anyone of you can help us?
If you will need to upload a video with sound, let me know, I will do it in the morning.

Thank you
If the problem started when inlet manifold gasket replaced it would suspect a problem with the inlet manifold gasket or any parts disturbed when replacing gasket.
reading live data from ecu would be a very good idea to try and narrow down the problem.
Multi ecu scan software and a suitable lead to connect to obd socket
Air leak in the system probably the fliter head or sealing ring if you have one. Had similar with Citroen years back, Eventually the whole filter head was changed and it was fixed. It certainly a classic air leak symptom. I stated covering all the fuel line joint with grease and eventually the cause was revealed as on more or less the last one treated reduced it to nealry normal. I hope its something similar. Check the primer bulb too.