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Scudo scudo bluetooth changeover


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Feb 24, 2014
Hi there I have recently bought a scudo comfort 2.0 multijet 120 after buying it I realised that some models have got bluetooth headunits that come as standard but unfortunately the one I have got isn't.
I do make long journeys and in my old van I used the bluetooth feature quite a lot for playing music and making calls I'm just looking for some advice on what would be the best thing that I can do to put it in the veichle. I have got a Sony head unit that has all the features but it seems a shame to take out the original one with the steering wheel controls and everything showing on the dash I was wondering if I could buy one from fiat but would it cost more than its worth any advice would be greatly appreciated. The other thing I was wondering is would it be a big job to have air con fitted as unfortunately this model doesn't have that either thanks, James