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Scratch card help

Oct 25, 2003
I have just won £32 on a scratch card :woot: Yay me :p

I know the small amounts you can claim at the Newsagents but this was a present from my supervisor who is leaving she bought a few of us some scratch cards and I was the only one that won :D

So can I claim this at any news agents? Cos I have no idea where she got it from.

I have never done a stratch card before :eek:
you can claim it anywhere that sells them, or alternatively send it to me at the following address.......
Its nice to know that someone UP here is lookin after U could be that 2006 is going 2 be your year (y)
Nah I dont want to send it off.... Show me the money :D

I got wasnt sure if i had won so got two people to check cos the instructions werent that clear :eek:
I got £13 off one on saturday! Then got £18 out of the bandit in the pub.

Not bad considering I left the house with a tenner in change for lottery ticket and a pint- and came hom with nearly £40!

That was a productive saturday!

But im not a gambler
My sisters boyfriend won £50 on one... went back in the agents straight away then won another £20.... :D

I wouldnt make a habit of it but i might start buying one a week....
When they first came out I bought 2 won £25 not normaly lucky cept for 8 wins on the premium bonds [Edit small ones]
hmallett said:
:chin: Sounds like a self-contradiction there! :p

Shut up :p well i was going to treat us to the pictures and tea on sunday with it but you can sod off now ;)

I meant some people buy loads and loads. One a week isnt a habit.. knowing me I probably wont even bother !
Big Black Stilo said:
thats what I do.

The lottery is a tax for idiots.

I am an idiot.
Yeah, definite idiot tax...
you have almost as much chance of winning if you do enter as if you don't
About 3 years ago, the office staff decided to put £1 a week into a scratch card fund. This was for about 45 weeks or so, and the idea was to give us something to do in our quiet period....

So I went to Post Office and bought 300-odd Scratch Cards - they do 200 per roll, so got one of those.

Dished them all out; I think we won £150 - so went back for more ;) - down to £70, then won £20, then finally nothing :D

We did achieve a nice mountain of silver stuff :p

Never done a scratch card since ;)
Stuart DemonD said:
Dished them all out; I think we won £150 - so went back for more ;) - down to £70, then won £20, then finally nothing :D

Nice tale Stu!

When the cards first came out my Dad was waiting in line to pay his fuel at the petrol station and the guy two in front of him scratched one and won £50K, he was a local celebrity afterwards and no doubt off the postmans Xmas card list!

I am! :p

We had about £300 to spend, but there were about 6 types of scratchcard available!

So I used £200 to buy a cellophane-wrapped roll of 200 £1 tickets; and the balance was spread out across the other tickets.
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